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Scientific Method of Research essay

How to Start Your Science Research Paper

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After coming up with a hypothesis, the next step is to test it prior to which a researcher must develop a method of testing the hypothesis. This requires a researcher to employ the hypothesis in predicting other phenomena that are yet to be observed Barrow After formulating a hypothesis the scientific method of research requires that it must be rigorously tested. While testing your prediction on a given research subject matter it is required that a researcher cannot "prove" his hypothesis but can only fail to "disapprove" it Barrow Cooper says that in a scientific research method, it is required that predictions in a hypothesis to be eliminated if they continuously contradict with experimental results.

Cooper further states that "while formulating a hypothesis a researcher must ensure that it is both testable and quantitative". Locating resources forms a critical component of a scientific method of research and it involves gathering of information or materials that the research intend to use. A better research question depends on the number of research materials one has Gall According to Cooper the following are some of the factors should be considered when locating sources or gathering information: What you know about the research question Addition information that will help in the research How to use different sources of information to get the required information Resources available money, facilities, equipments, people etc Gall explains research planning as a component of a scientific method of research that involves developing a specific plan on how the research is going to be carried out.

The plan or procedure laid dowwn must be clear and precise so that another person can follow it accurately. According to Gall , the following factors should be put into consideration when developing a research plan: Method of testing hypothesis Type of data to be collected and method to be employed Equipments or supplies that are required Reference point for data comparison Tests, sample or sites required Time plan 6.

Collecting, organizing and interpreting data: All data that affect the research question should be collected and written down. Relevancy and objectivity are major consideration that researchers need to take into account when collecting data.

Organizing data involves comparing and contrasting the information gathered from a research. Data collected should posses the following characteristics: Data interpretation and drawing conclusion: This involves critical evaluation of data collected and deciding the conclusion that is required to be drawn.

This requires a researcher to consider other alternative hypotheses that might explain the results obtained. Impact assessment of water scarcity at Somntongo in the lowveld region of Swaziland. Scientific Research and Essays Abbreviation: Probabilistic seismic assessment of arch dams in Turkey August - Vol 13 Num. August Probabilistic seismic assessment of arch dams in Turkey Kasim A.

Korkmaz and Asuman I. May Expanding the global horizon of engineered crops: April Modelling climate change impact and mitigation actions: October The law of universal attraction with momentum exchange between objects and microparticles Zifeng Li https: February Nutritional potential of two leafy vegetables: Most scientific research looks at an area and breaks it down into easily tested pieces. The gradual experimentation upon these individual pieces will allow the larger questions to be approached and answered, breaking down a large and seemingly insurmountable problem, into manageable chunks.

True research never gives a definitive answer but encourages more research in another direction. Even if a hypothesis is disproved, that will give an answer and generate new ideas, as it is refined and developed. Research is cyclical, with the results generated leading to new areas or a refinement of the original process. The term, research , is much stricter in science than in everyday life.

It revolves around using the scientific method to generate hypotheses and provide analyzable results. All scientific research has a goal and ultimate aim , repeated and refined experimentation gradually reaching an answer. These results are a way of gradually uncovering truths and finding out about the processes that drive the universe around us.

Only by having a rigid structure to experimentation, can results be verified as acceptable contributions to science. Some other areas, such as history and economics, also perform true research, but tend to have their own structures in place for generating solid results. They also contribute to human knowledge but with different processes and systems.

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