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❶I got in touch with Kathryn Hume initially to send her a fan email! Three-dimensional, time-dependent radiative transfer for H II regions, the diffuse ionized gas, and the reionization of the universe.

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It has a different sort of quality control to the double-blind reading a publisher will give it, but it still the output of an examination process, and if it is not good enough, then you should not have passed.

The third issue I have is that this is grounded in assumptions about the dissertation-publication-tenure path which no longer hold. The old Phd-published monograph-tenured post track is broken at several points. Phd output in many disciplines exceeds the pool of academic jobs, so many Phd grads will no longer get academic posts, and many dissertations will never be published.

If they are not online, they are dead. Articles are much more serious competition for a book than a pdf on any repository, but they are also some evidence that the person has something to say, so it cuts both ways. Publishers have priced monographs out of the marketplace. Thanks for the warning although I am long past being able to take it. That said, does this beg the question of whether using publications as criteria for tenure needs to be reconsidered?

I agree the system has to change and probably is, as we speak. I just hope, while expectations are in flux, that the tenure casualties are kept to a minimum. This is a really interesting post and discussion and I hope it gets more exposure — although the issue may be being discussed more widely than I realize.

How can one undo this? Oh dear, thsi was a guest post. I know nothing about ProQuest from personal experience. I simply said that Proquest admitted that one could remove something, and the graduate school here proved helpful and helped four students remove theirs.

I do not know how Canadian law fits in; where I ran into the most important hurdle was the sense of the grad school that as a semi-public university, our research was supposed to be available to the public.

However, given the info on how this could affect publication as a book and given the word I had from another school hammering this out that a press had refused to consider something unless it had been removed from proquest, the grad school at my institution backed off on demanding that. Thus, the undoing will have to be through the individual school. And ProQuest has thus far honored this for almost three years with no need for renewal. For instance, my current school is now considering requiring graduates to get approval from their former diss advisors in order to extend an embargo.

But, aside from degree revocation, what mechanism would even be available to an institution in order to compel a degree-in-hand graduate to allow ProQuest to post the work? This post makes me sad because when I was in college I loved looking up dissertations on ProQuest.

I mean, I get why someone might not want them up there. I agree with Eileen. Having dissertations online allow others to read about the academic work of others in their original, honest form.

As someone who has never managed to land a University post despite having good grades and some I hope interesting research. It makes it difficult to research online. Surely it only ends up increasing the gulf of general ignorance, and does little to improve access to whatever the scholar in question laboured to achieve? Also, finances aside, what is the point of research unless it is trumpeted loud and wide?

Not routinely, at least. Any stats that are kept circulation numbers, for example are not related to individual user accounts. If a dissertation has been successfully defended then it has had a rigorous peer review.

Virtually every dissertation worldwide can be loaned from the relevant university, often scanned and distributed electronically and cited in the work of others. But it can take months and is very bureaucratic. But there is no reason to grant a giant corporation exclusive rights. After all, the hard work is your copyright and something you should be proud of.

I advocate the hard copy printing on demand of any thesis that might be cited in future publication. There are lots of deserving theses from the s onwards in many disciplines that could do with wider readership.

Dear Karen and Kathryn, I know this has been a while, but I am getting depressed now and I need some help. I finished my dissertation about two years ago and after making a few revisions to it I submitted it to an academic publishing house who had a call for books on my particular area of expertise.

I sent the manuscript to them and after an initial positive response it went to the managing editor from whom I am waiting to hear back soon.

How on earth do post-docs on a miserable salary get that amount of money to pay for a publication? I find that simply depressing. Any tips on how to negotiate that or get funding to publish your dissertation? In Germany you are not entitled to your Dr. For the working poor online publishing through the university library seems like the only option. Thanks for any recommendations. I turned my dissertation into a book and am at the last stages of publication. The publisher is asking if this was a dissertation.

Although I retained the title, I have rewritten and rewritten… do I need to check the box that says it is a dissertation and mentions the university? Thanks for any help!! I must say this article is good one and open ones eyes. I too have published my thesis online and thinks it is good to share your knowledge with people. I used the following facility to put my thesis online.

I agreed with Leonard Cassuto. You should opt for University platform only to make your dissertation available online. Fear One place to manage and showcase your publications. Hi Pardon me for asking again? Why is it harmful? Open Access publishing provides online access to scholarly research which is: Free — the end user does not have to pay any subscriptions or fees to read the. Such access includes, but is not limited to online access to the public.

Liberty University's Digital Commons is an online repository for capturing. Search within this collection: As a doctoral student, I obviously wouldn't want to jeopardize the publication of my dissertation as a book, if I were certain putting it online.

Title Doctoral dissertation or master's thesis. BGSU dissertations and theses published in Fall or after can be. A selection of theses and dissertations are available online. When those dissertations have been made available in online repositories. Each dissertation published since July includes a word abstract written by the author. Most of the TREN collection from to the present is available online. All theses and dissertations from UCR are published to eScholarship. The way to tell whether the work in question is published is to search their.

Or another search engine to see if a dissertation is available for free online. Include the university and location City and Country for a non-U. A prospective thesis or dissertation may be nominated by a representative e. If your dissertation was published in paper previously and you would like it to be. The database collects papers published in important conferences held by China Association for.

With more than 2. Research reports are published by state institutions and research institutions.

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Of Alberta dissertations and provides the full-text of dissertations published from to April. Citations, hyperlinks, and potential public futures of online writing in rhetoric. A full template and example to help you write a citation for a Dissertation in the Harvard style. The Perils of Publishing Your Dissertation Online Posted on August 24, by Karen Kelsky Today we are honored to have a guest post by Kathryn Hume, Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of English at Penn State University and author of Surviving Your Academic .

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Online database of doctoral dissertations and master's theses. Publishing opportunities. Guidelines for submitting completed theses & dissertations to the ProQuest online database, Dissertations. This small amount is only for the downloading of the dissertation, the entire dissertation is also fully readable free of charge from a web browser. Since I published my dissertation on Wednesday.